What’s the deal with green coffee?

I was pretty skeptical about the idea that green coffee, or as the French call it „café vert„ could help me lose as much weight as people were saying; I’ve always been a down-to-earth kind of person who knows that achieving good results in anything requires work, period. My suspicions were confirmed after a little over a month of taking these tablets—there were really no results to speak of. Maybe my body doesn’t react as well as it should for some reason, or maybe a lot of people have been experiencing a placebo effect. Whichever way you look at it, green coffee pills are apparently not for me.

Fantasy Franchise Showdown!

I guess anybody and everybody reading this right now has long since guessed I’m probably a big fantasy buff–and they were right!

I’ll start with saying that I just recently discovered a little thing call Screen Junkies on Youtube–why didn’t I find this earlier?! Their Honest Trailers are hilarious–the super-solemn voice deadpanning every loose end and lame line gets me every time! I watched all of them in one day! Addicted? Definitely.

I decided to see what else the guys over there at Screen Junkies do.

And then…I came across this: (Can I get a hallelujah? :))

This episode is centered around picking the best fantasy franchise of all time. So, what’ll it be: Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Narnia or the Lord of the Rings? I won’t tell you what my verdict is, but I will say that the board’s reached the same one. Time to check it out guys!

Yesterday’s Big Bang Theory Episode

Seeing as how yesterday was the premiere of the 18th episode of the Big Bang Theory’s 7th season, I decided to write a few words about it.

I know a lot of geeks hate on the show a lot, and they see it as shallow and even offensive towards us. There are even quite a few blogs DEVOTED to how much somebody hates it.

I couldn’t disagree more. I think people these days are too touchy, and they tend to be offended by everything–come on people, let’s learn to laugh at ourselves a bit! Sure, all the miffed geeks out there are a little bit right that TBBT doesn’t delve too deep into the world of, say, comic books, and uses mainly general references to the superheroes to get laughs…but so what? It IS a sitcom, it’s SUPPOSED to get laughs. And do you really think 98% of the potential audience would „get” references to complicated comic book spinoff subplots most non-geeks have never even heard of? OF COURSE NOT. The remaining 2% of viewers might ‚get it”, but I’m pretty sure that’s not a big enough audience to even pay for the production costs of a single episode, much less seven seasons… And if us geeks can just look past all the butthurt about the show poking fun at us, we’d all see that it really is funny. The eccentric, nerdy scientists clashing with real-world issues gets me every time.

That said, I feel the writers are slowly running out of steam. Seven seasons is a long time, and to keep things interesting, the writers should think about some character development, especially on the Amy/Sheldon front, because that plotline is getting a little stale, as are Amy’s constant sad references about how badly she wants to get laid. Last night’s show was pretty good, but with every episode the need for something, ANYTHING to progress with these two is getting more and more pressing…their kiss was a great surprise, but it won’t change anything if the writers just go right back to the same old thing again.

Howard’s grown up and, despite his juvenile comments, he’s become a great husband—him and Bernie are perfect together. Even Leonard and Penny’s relationship has become more stable of late, and despite their many differences, they really do seem perfect for each other. Another character who could use some work is Raj, who’s gone from being adorably helpless to pretty pathetic.

All in all though, the show has made me laugh every week for the last couple of years, and I see no reason for all the geek hate.

What do you guys think?


My Favorite Gadgets That Make Life Better (or just more fun)

I’m pretty sure most parents would prefer to spend the little time they have at home with their kids, instead of doing crappy household jobs. I’m busy enough! So whenever it’s my turn to stay at home with Dylan, we watch cartoons, we pig out on all the junk food my wife doesn’t let us have when she’s at home, we goof around outside… Luckily, I’m a bit of a technology freak, so I can get what needs to be done, done–without putting a whole lot of work into it. Below are a few of my favorite gadgets–I hope they’ll be as useful to you as they are to me!

1. My Roomba

I freaking love this thing. How much time have people wasted over the centuries picking crumbs off their floors?

At first, I was a little skeptical–I mean, come on, it looks like something out of one of those cheesy sci-fi movies I used to watch as a kid. But eventually one day after my toddler somehow managed to push the cookie jar onto the floor AGAIN, I decided that was it. Now I can’t imagine life without it. Not only does it keep my floors crumb-free, it’s also hilarious to watch my dog chase it around. If you’re a busy parent, this is a great way to make your life w whole lot easier.



2. The Washable Keyboard

Programming is not only my job, it’s also my passion. I do it not only for the money, but also for fun (yes, I do know how weird that sounds). When I get really into something, I can sit in front of the screen for hours, typing away. My poor wife. And my poor, poor keyboard. Programming for hours on end means I eat right there, directly above my keyboard–to say I used to have a lot of crumbs in my keyboard would be the understatement of the year. Crumbs, dried up drips of coffee and yogurt–you name, it was there. That’s when my wife, who was disgusted to no end, decided to give me the best present ever (besides our son, that is :P)–a washable keyboard. No matter whether my keyboard needs a light dusting or a full-on soak (usually the latter, but whatever), I can do it without worrying that that will destroy it. The key characters are laser printed and UV coated so the letters don’t fade in the wash. Vicky, I love you!



3. Xbox One

This one I’m going to blame on my son–that’s much easier than admitting flat out that I was just as psyched as any kid or teenager when the Xbox One came out. Anyway, me and Dylan enjoy it together, so what difference does it make, really? Seriously, though, this thing is loads of fun for both me and my little boy–who thought Lego could get any more awesome? The Lego Marvel Super Heroes game proved that was possible! I can’t wait till he’s old enough to play FIFA with his Dad too, but one step at a time…






A bit about me.

Like most guys would say–there’s not much to tell.

I’m a computer programmer living in Atlanta.

I have a beautiful wife, whose patience towards me never ceases to amaze, and an adorable 3-year old son.

I’ve finally found a minute to create my own blog so I can stop talking my wife’s ear off, and I hope you find my notes interesting.

Yup, that’s about it.

Glad you could drop by!